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A tribute

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Clink is conceptualized as a tribute to the designer’s parents for their unconditional love and their reminder to be an upright person. To the designer, his parents epitomizes the responsibility that they will always shoulder for the family. Shouldering the burden of the family finances yet being critical of their own expenditure, the importance of savings was seeded in the designer in his formative years.

Clink is constructed as a coin bank, where coins are placed on a platform. With periodical addition of coins, the increased weight results in the platform giving way to empty the coins into a storage area underneath the platform.

The mechanism is inspired by the designer parents’ financial responsibility to the family. The daily contribution of coins represents cumulation of savings. Like the platform which is under pressure until the coins are emptied, the financial responsibility shouldered by them is only lightened when there are surpluses to be saved.

Clink is constructed from two metals that are commonly used in the production of coins, zinc and copper and are held together through the use of magnets. Copper being ductile and malleable, represents the father’s resilience and the mother’s adaptability to circumstances. Zinc represents the expectations of their son. A metal that is relatively resistant to corrosion, they hope for their son to stand firm to his principles and does not bow down to unnecessary societal pressures.