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Icons of Sembawang


Kampung rockers

Company :

Little Thoughts Group in collaboration with Samko Timber

Collaborator :

Samko Timber - an Indonesia based company that has been supplying outdoor architecture decking for over 10 years.

Photo credits :

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Icons of Sembawang was inspired by the designer ‘s childhood spent in ‘kampong’ farms. In the early 70's, the land in Singapore was mostly made up of farms, ponds, and plantations. Back then, simple pleasures revolved around playing with farm animals & hand-made wooden objects.

As Singapore developed over years, the designer wants to share pieces of her memories through fun and delightfully crafted elements as an outdoor playground rocker, putting a smile on the younger generations just like it had back in the old days.

This project was exhibited at SingaPlural 2015 in conjunction with Singapore Design Week 2015.

Eco-friendly Design
These rocking chairs are carefully crafted, finished, and assembled by skilled craftsmen. Sustainable wood is sourced from reclaimed plantations as well as those that were recycled. With its weather resistance, termite resistance, extreme durability, and superior dimension stability, these sustainably sourced wood is ideal for outdoor use. 

The internal is reinforced with steel and welded to the spring base for robustness. The handle & footrest are machined from aluminum that had been chrome plated. The spring base is further powder coated for weather resistance and overall durability. 

During the SingaPlural 2015 exhibition, kids were enamored by the adorable rockers, their parents drawn by the nostalgic elements, reminiscent of their childhood days – bringing delight and joy to the entire family.