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The Pollen


The shape of scent

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Pollen is a range of scent diffusers inspired by the anatomy of flowers. A simple curved glass profile encapsulates the precious components, mimicking the protection offered by the petals that forms around the delicate stigma and stamen of the flower.

The contrast between cool glass and the warm metal creates a subtle yet majestic presence, no matter what the environment.

It is designed to offer multiple options such as the table stand and wall mount, while also offering various glass shades for the top modules – perfect for any modern interiors.

Pollen is based on 3 main components. The top stalk is made of hand-blown glass guiding the scent diffusion. Secondly, a metal cast stand elevates the unit bridging the woven tube and air pressure bulb together. Lastly a transparent glass vessel holding the refillable liquid content.