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ZGO ZPX/ZGX Monitor Arm Ecosystem


Modular desktop organizer

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Zgonic ZPX/ ZGX is designed with the vision of a modular desktop organizer for the future of work and life. The configurable system, alongside the smart cable management system affords for users to personalize it while keeping their desk clutter-free.

The core of the system consists of a versatile display arm designed for best-in-class comfort and ergonomics. It is height-adjustable, swivels, and tilts; allowing users to adjust it to maximize their comfort. With the advent of a screen-based environment, the Zgonic ZPX/ZGX system can adapt for up to 4 monitor screens when needed, with a base that can also be switched to a smart charging option.

A simple, geometric ‘capsule’ keeps it professional yet iconic, blending seamlessly into any scenarios it is placed in. The arms are made from aluminum casting, contrasting it to the interchangeable side panels which users can personalize.

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